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Upon entering the store, one is struck by the eclectic collection of hand made and vintage items carefully curated as far as the eye can see. Unlike an average consignment or second hand experience, Quirkshop’s bleached wood interior and carefully selected items produce a sense of spacious ease for browsers and dedicated thrift connoisseurs. Copper and leather pendants hang delicately from an antique antler, hand blow glassware dishes house secret silver treasures and Jeorjia’s signature cashmere creations delicately drape mannequin bodies through out the store.

Quirkshop is a community of artisans and craftspeople. A gathering place in the heart of Peekskill, Quirkshop is the hub for local lovers of art, jewelry, organic skin care and luxury textiles. Visitors can expect to find unique, hand-made designs created by founder Jeorjia Shea and friends. Jeorjia’s journey as a designer began through countless craft shows, markets and art fairs. She ultimately developed close relationships with the fabulous artists featured in the store.

Many of the artists, including Jeorjia, are self-taught and use alternative and up-cycled materials to create truly unusual pieces with a purpose. Quirkshop is a studio space in addition to boutique and is constantly buzzing with the energy of events, workshops and creative production. Many items available for sale are created right there in the store. 



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